Mark your calendar for the upcoming startup funding event on Friday October 25th.

During the event, 10 screened and selected startups will have 5 minutes to pitch their idea to venture capital firms. The 5 minute pitch will be followed by a 5 minute Q&A from investors.

This is an opportunity for each startup to describe their value proposition.
This event is only open to investors and startups.

Startups criteria

- Seed stage or early stage
 - Require an investment of at least €500.000
-  A scalable business model

- Technology
- Fashion
- Fitness
- Food
- Hospitality

Johan Huizingalaan 763a
1066 VH Amsterdam

Confirmed investors

Acrobator Ventures
Bas Godska: Founder & General Partner     Joachim Laqueur: General Partner

Acrobator Ventures plan to invest up to €20 million in the coming three years from pre-seed stage to later stage. Its sweet spots will be SaaS, Big Data/ML/AI and HR tech, not excluding other segments.
Bas Godska has invested in 13 companies, the overall value of these startups is estimated at €250 million. Joachim Laqueur has been involved in a variety of venture and business development activities in Western and Eastern Europe and the USA.

VOC Capital Partners
Investment Manager: Björn Risberg







VOC Capital Partners focus on tech startups that are ready to expand their business after a successful completion of their development stage. 
Björn is a former Project Manager & Business Developer of E-commerce start-up MindGrind, where he was responsible for the launch of two platforms in the Netherlands and one in the US. Previously, he worked as Investment Manager at PGGM Private Equity, where he was involved in multiple international large cap and mid cap funds and co-investments.

Volta Ventures provides seed & early stage venture capital for internet & software companies in the Benelux region. The fund’s team, with active support from 30 business angels, expects to make a substantial impact on every company they invest in by working with the founders and management to identify new markets and customers. Volta Ventures has offices in Ghent and Amsterdam. The team has led 16 investments over the last four years.



Investment Manager: Joost Moerland
Investment focus: Technology, Business Services and Industrial
Vortex Capital Partners is led by a team of experienced tech entrepreneurs and investment professionals. Joost Moerland joined Vortex Capital in 2014. Prior to Vortex, Joost worked for nearly 10 years in investment banking.





General Manager: Rixt Herklots
TheNextWomen provides female founders access to knowledge, capital and network. 
TheNextWomen is a strong believer in the success of female entrepreneurship in all their facets, they have successfully invested in 21 companies since 2014.